There Is No Such Thing As A Transgendered Person

They say that if you tell a lie long enough and often enough that people will accept it as true. While there are many examples in history that prove this statement to be true, none compares to recent years around the topic of transgender. Lets be clear, there is no such thing as a transgendered person, they idea that a person can change their gender or choose their gender is about as real as the existence of unicorns and fairies. Your gender is determined by your chromosomes at the moment of conception and you don’t have a choice in the matter. Those chromosomes determine your biological development such as what sex organs you have.

At no other time since the start of human existence has any prior generation been confused about gender. While they may not have known about chromosomes or what determined what gender a baby would be, they were able to see that there was only two distinct possibilities and all persons born with a vagina were girls and all persons born with a penis were boys. This is a concept so simple that even my children at three years old could tell you the difference.

We can debate gender roles is society or if gender should at all determine what’s expected of you from a societal standpoint. Gender roles should be constantly evaluated and we should always question the idea of gender roles. However, doing so doesn’t change how we reproduce for the continuation of the human race. Women will always to be ones that get pregnant and give birth and no matter how much you wish men could get pregnant doesn’t change the reality of biology,. At this point in time no amount of surgery to alter your physical appearance will change that fact that men can’t get pregnant and women can’t get another woman pregnant.

Listening to many on the left, it is clear they’re not on the same page as to what they mean by claiming to be a transgendered person. To many it just means a rejections of traditional gender roles and stereotypes. For women that had more interest and hobbies that were more traditionally associated with men, we use to call this a tomboy (I don’t really understand why) but we were never confused that she was still a girl but now they want to claim that a woman who has the hobbies and interest of a man is today now considered a man; which is a delusional belief.

There are three things that are going on here when it comes to the claims that a person can choose or change their gender.

1) It’s all about politics! The left is so entrenched in identity politics that they need to creat new victim groups. You can only engage in identity politics with the same group for so long before it looses its effectiveness. Think about the black community for a moment, for decades now the left has been preaching to the black community about how the right-wing hates them and that they need to vote democrat to be protected from the racist right. However, over time that messaging looses its effectiveness as the black community see that when democrats are in charge nothing gets better for them and maybe even gets worse but under republican control they have seen prosperity especially under President Trump where unemployment in the black community is at record-breaking lows.

For the younger generation, they are looking for a cause. Something that will be a defining moment in history like what we read in the history books with previous generation. The leaders of our country and communities have not provided a vision or goal for the country to reach for and there are few problems left in the US and those that remain are not significant (this is also why you see people desperately clinging to the notion that climate change is man-made). People desperate for a cause, desperate to feel purpose in their lives will look for it anywhere even if they have to lie to themselves about it.

2) While this is related to the first issues it does have some slight differences. Somehow over the years it has become the cool card to be part of a victim group and if you’re not part of a victim group, you need to create one to be a part of. The left has been promoting for sometime now that the value of your opinion is determined not by your expertise but rather if you belong to a victim group or not. Creating a new victim group and being some of the first to be a part of this group gives you advantages and opportunities that otherwise would not exist. Think about this, a new victim group is being promoted, as such the first people on that ban wagon speak out and promote themselves as experts and leaders on and for that group. As such they get media attentions and invitations to speaking events (many of which they get paid a speaking fee for). Those people quickly start website that get monetized for people to read about this new victim group, how they rate on the lefts priority list, and how you must treat them. They start organization claiming to be fighting for the rights of that new victim group and so forth. All of this means that those who are first to jump on the bandwagon in the creation of a new “victim” group profit heavily from doing so.

3) There are those that actually do suffer from gender dysphoria. This is a disorder in which there is a conflict between the gender in which the person is and how the mind perceives themself to be. The conflict create problems as they look in the mirror and while believing they are a woman, the mirror shows them to be a man. This conflict between what they believe and reality can create psychological problems that can lead to depression or even suicidal tendencies which is why there is a high suicide rate among those that believe they are transgendered.

While those with gender dysphoria need real help, unfortunately the lefts desire for a new victim group for identity politics has decided that instead of helping these people, they would instead play along with the delusion. They use phrases such as assigned gender, gender is not assigned to a person, their gender is part of who they are and would not exist if at conception a different sperm of the opposite sex reached the egg first at conception. gender is not a choice anymore than the need to breathe oxygen to live. By playing into the delusion of those suffering from gender dysphoria, the left has not only decided that political power is worth sacrificing the mental health needs but is encouraging them to mutilate their bodies permanently as well as those who are only claiming such in order to fit in, be cool, or seeking a cause to give them purpose in life. It would be bad enough if it only stopped their but the worst behavior of all is the encouragement of parents to abuse their children by giving them hormone blockers. Any parent that would give their child hormone blocker to delay their development are unfit to be parents but any “professional” willing to prescribe and administer such should be thrown in jail for malpractice if not worse.

With surgery a person can give themselves horn and dye their skin red, that doesn’t make them Satan no matter how much they claim to be just like surgery can change someone’s gender. Stop accepting the language of the left as the push a false narrative, there is no such thing as a transgender person.